Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tiredness trumps hunger

So I was returning from a veggie burger excursion tonight (D is at a family thing out-of-state) and I got the urge for something sweet. The dilemma was:

1) a square of carrot cake from the corner grocer


2) fat-free Edy's Fruit Bar (a popsicle, really) from my freezer.

The popsicle won, because the carrot cake would have required me to walk an extra block.

D and I saw Baby Mama on Friday (no movie would be complete without a guy in the ticket line yelling, "Better hope you won't deliver in the theater, huh?"), but remarks from random morons aside, it was quite enjoyable. Although I must admit the video featured in the movie (no clips were shown, thankfully) gave me pause. The video was entitled: "Extreme Delivery!!" and showed mothers delivering 15-lb infants.


Liz said...

15 pounds! No way. E will be teensy-weensy in comparison.

And as part of my constant fruit craving, I've been eating those Edy's whole fruit bars every night (strawberry is the current favorite). An offer of carrot cake might give me pause, though. :)

Bearette24 said...

Strawberry is my favorite, too! For some reason the tangerine flavor has high fructose corn syrup, even though the strawberry doesn't.

Ms.L said...

Yikes,can you imagine??

I'm impressed that you chose the fruit bar! Come here and teach me how to do that,lol

Bearette24 said...

Oh, it was really just sheer laziness. It's hard to drag my belly around ;)

I know! I am hoping and praying! My hunch is that he'll be 9 lbs and change like me and my brother.

kitkat said...

We saw Baby Mama this weekend too! I liked it. It's been a while since I've seen a comedy in a theater. I complain that the story lines are ridiculously predictable, but what I've forgotten is how fun it is when the audience is into it :)

Rich and his siblings were all 9-10 lbs. at birth :( I'm really hoping that big-baby gene doesn't get passed down to our kids.

KatieBelle said...

I wish I had your resolve to eat the fruit bar. I totally would've walked down to the corner ;)

Thanks so much for your kind words and advice on my law/grad school post. I wrote a response. =)

Tracy said...

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