Monday, April 21, 2008

Tidbits from today:

1) I went swimming this morning. A while ago, I asked myself, "Who are you trying to impress?" and gave in to the urge to use a pink noodle under my arms while I do the breaststroke. This way, I can do 30 minutes of laps and not get tired. Anyway, the old man I was sharing the lane with said, "You move at a remarkable clip! I thought I would have to pass you, but you were always ahead of me." I wonder if it's that I was fast (thanks to a little help from my pink noodle friend) or he was slow. But it was a nice compliment all the same :)

2) I was contemplating my toenails and realizing I should clip them, but this is a Herculean task that is just not going to get done -- by me, anyway. I'm still shaving my legs but even that involves gymnastic contortions, and toenail clipping requires fine motor skills in addition to the contortions (shaving just requires broad strokes). And I'm too much of a germophobe (and cheap/frugal/whatever) to get a pedicure. Can't you get toenail fungus that way? Ugh.

3) I finished a book today that featured a pregnant woman. It said something like, "She had gained too much weight and felt like an ox." I feel like an ox. My MIL says I am "glowing", but even if I am, I'm a glowing OX. (I like the word ox, by the way - it probably has a high Scrabble value.)

4) The sheer volume of my eating is starting to astonish me. Today I had 2 bowls of cereal (shredded wheat), a whole bunch of watermelon, strawberry nonfat yogurt, a veggie burger, air-baked "fries," beans and rice with cheese, corn, guacamole and lettuce, an apple, and a brownie. I think the only "bad" thing was the brownie (guacamole has some nutritional value, right?) but look at the amount of food. Oh well. Last summer I read Baby Love, in which Rebecca Walker (Alice Walker's daughter) described her pregnancy experience. She said she once ate, in a sitting, a loaf of bread, an entire chicken and a bottle of mineral water. And yet we have gained around the same amount of weight. Life, as they say, is not fair. (For some reason I find that expression a little bit comforting. I think Harriet did too, in Harriet the Spy.)


Liz said...

Avocado is excellent... good, healthy fat for E's brain development!

I think I will have to move to sitting on the edge of the tub for leg shaving. We have a separate shower that's pretty small, and I have to mentally and physically prepare myself for hefting my leg into the air and bracing my foot against the wall.

What? This isn't TMI Tuesday?

Bearette24 said...

I love TMI ;) This is like the second TMI Spot.

Allen said...

The food sounds healthy and tasty.

kitkat said...

I think pedicures are generally safe; you just have to find a good place. Just like anything else, there are nail places that are not clean. Will D clip them for you?

My nurse practitioner is pregnant, and she said that one day they were showering together and he basically attacked her hairy legs by shaving them for her.

Bearette24 said...

I'm not sure. I might go for the pedicure option ;) Or just let them go. I'm not sure how long they will grow...