Thursday, January 19, 2017

I finished reading Class by Lucinda Rosenfeld. I would definitely recommend it to other New Yorkers (and other people as well, though its appeal may be specific). It was a satire about race, class and education in NYC, and many of the details were pitch-perfect. She went over the top occasionally (mostly in mother-to-mother confrontations that were slightly unbelievable; in my experience, women tend to be more passive-aggressive), but other parts were more realistic than most books. I really enjoyed it.

I still can't believe Trump will be inaugurated on Friday! I'm reminded of a thoroughly stupid comment that one of my cousins wrote on Facebook: "Even if the next four years are not great, it will be worth it for the message that was sent." What message?? That you hated job growth, Obamacare and the Paris Agreement? The only consolation is, he lives in Massachusetts, so his vote had zero influence (Hillary won  the state).


Rachel Federman said...

Oh my God. That kind of comment - don't even know what to do with it!

Thank you for the book rec

Bearette said...

I know...just leaves you speechless