Friday, December 23, 2016

We're staying at a hotel in's amazing! It got renovated since the last time I stayed here, about 6 years ago. And the hot tub is working again. (We often use the swimming pool and hot tub even when we're not staying at the hotel.) Zoe and I went swimming in the hot tub and pool - I preferred the hot tub, she preferred the pool. Now we're watching TV, which is always a huge novelty for the kids because we don't have one at home. We got rid of it after Eric was born in 2008 because we weren't really watching it. I remember before he was born, we were watching "Big Love," but after he was born, we just couldn't keep up with the convoluted plot lines. I think it's off the air now.


Rachel Federman said...

It's funny, it sounds like you got rid of the TV b/c of the convoluted plot lines to Big Love, which maybe is the reason (?)

Bearette said...

Interesting...I never thought of that way - thought I was just too busy to watch but Big Love being too complicated was partially to blame :)