Saturday, December 10, 2016

Another good one from Marian Keyes. She has a section in her book called "Saying Goodbye" and how she hates it. She says her social battery is drained by the end of a party so it's hard for her to "give good goodbye." The whole thing reminded me of one of MIL's jokes: "The British leave without saying goodbye; the Yiddish say goodbye without leaving." There's a lot of truth to it, and in this respect I am definitely British!

Marian also wrote, "According to a personality quiz, I'm an extreme introvert, which means I can only handle other people in small bursts of time."

I think those quizzes only need one question:
Would you rather --
1) go out?
2) stay in with a book?


Rachel Federman said...

This cracks me up & I totally relate. I've often put off saying goodbye at a party or group gathering b/c I can't muster up the energy for the one-on-one contact or even just the whole group turning and looking at me as I go.

Bearette said...

Haha...yes! It's so much easier to slip away...though it can be guilt inducing