Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Well, I just watched FBI Director James Comey's statement about Hillary's email. I was quite worried especially because of Bill's ill-advised meeting with Loretta Lynch and the fact that Comey is a Republican. Fortunately, he seemed tough but fair. He said that Hillary and the DOJ as a whole were careless about classified emails, and some of her emails were top secret, but there is no evidence that "hostile actors" got a hold of it (though they may have without our knowledge) and there is no evidence of intentional misconduct, and therefore no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

I was immensely relieved. I really do think Hillary would be good...she's the only candidate with a strong, consistent gun control record. Bernie voted in favor of the Charleston loophole, which enables you to purchase a gun after 3 days regardless of whether your background check was completed, and his vote helped make the Charleston church shooting possible. He also voted in favor of letting people bring guns on Amtrak. I realize he lives in rural Vermont where people like guns, but after Sandy Hook, we're responsible as a nation to do something about this. 30,000 people die of gun violence every year and many of them are children. I also think she's very intelligent and has a knack for policy. The New York Times says she is one of the most qualified candidates in years (Senator, Secretary of State, First Lady). I agree. And to anyone who doesn't like her...Trump is not a sensible option.


Rachel Federman said...

Hallelujah - YES YES YES. This is GREAT. You kind of nailed everything in this one succinct post.

Bearette said...

Thanks :-)