Monday, July 25, 2016

I re-followed The New Yorker & The New York Times...I don't want to be uninformed...but it really is a lot of bad news. The first thing I saw was an article about the nightclub shooting in Fort Myers, Florida. It's really high time for meaningful federal gun control. Hawaii is the hardest state in which to get a gun, with strict background checks and a registry of gun owners. Of course, it helps that Hawaii is very isolated and they can control their borders. But I believe the nation as a whole should follow its lead.


Rachel Federman said...

I know what you mean - don't want to be uninformed but the bad news makes it so hard to do anything useful and concentrate so in the end, is it serving anyone?

Bearette said...

Yeah, I ended up going back and reading it all. I am inspired by the speakers at the DNC..unfortunately, Hillary has many enemies, including Julian Assange who annoys me so much...I don't see how he's any better/different than Nixon bugging the DNC at Watergate