Friday, April 18, 2014


So our building is undergoing extensive renovations. A few months ago, they removed all the asbestos from the pipes. Then in May and June, they are going to remove the pipes and revamp the ventilation system. It means that workmen will be in our apartment from 6:30am to 7pm many days during that month. Apparently there is a lot of dust generated by the process. They do put plastic on your furniture to protect it, but some of it ends up on the floor when they leave.

Everyone who has gone through the process (in other buildings in my complex) urged us to "go away" during the HVAC work. However, most of them had it done during the summer. We managed to find, through "Airbnb," an apartment 30 blocks north of us. That will bring us considerably closer to E's school and further from Z's classes. But since there are gaps between the work, I will just try to be in our apartment on the days Z has activities. I like the idea of cleaning up dust during the pauses rather than facing a huge amount of debris at the end.

D went to see the place before accepting it (he invited me along but I decided to skip it, since I had to pick E up at school shortly thereafter). He said the photos on the website were misleading - it's much smaller in real life, with no living room, just a kitchen and two bedrooms. But I'm relieved to have a place, and feeling much better about the whole process.


Rachel Federman said...

Kitchen and 2 bedrooms...hmm...not too bad. Better than dealing w/ all that dust surely. When I first moved to the city I shared an apt w/ no kitchen. (But a very nice-sized livingroom.)

Bearette said...

It looked huge on the website - i guess you can do all these tricks with photography. Nice appliances tho

judy in ky said...

Sounds like it will be a big relief to have a place to get away to during the work.

Bearette said...

Yes, definitely.