Sunday, September 20, 2015

Feeling sleepy, but I just wanted to jot down that I saw Hamilton yesterday. It was a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, etc. Burr was a fascinating character and portrayed sympathetically. I liked most of the hip-hop songs and they gave the play a lot of energy. The actors were good dancers too. The second half was a little sad. We had good seats - second row from the stage. Apparently you couldn't get tickets for the front row - it was reserved for friends and family of the cast. The guy who played Hamilton's son saluted at someone in the front row.


Rachel Federman said...

Hamilton & Burr had that famous duel, right?

Bearette said...

Yes, they had it at the end in the play. It was very chilling. The duel took place in New Jersey (where the laws against dueling were less strict) and then they rowed Hamilton's body back across the Hudson.