Sunday, June 28, 2015

Z had viral conjunctivitis. This means that her left eye got a little pink but she didn't need to take eye drops. (For bacterial conjunctivitis, which I had last year, you need drops.) Anyway, her eyes look good now, and she seems more enthused about camp again. "Do I go to Puppy Group today?" she asked, and seemed pleased when I told her she would go on Monday. So maybe she was just down on camp because she was sick.


Rachel Federman said...

How do they tell which is which? Are both contagious?

Bearette said...

I think they're both contagious, but bacterial is more severe; they treat it with eyedrops. The viral kind, they just let it blow over. The eye looks worse (crusty, leaking) when it's bacterial. When it's viral, it's just a little red.