Saturday, June 13, 2015

So I just brought Z to a local park. Not the one behind my apartment, because they took the swings down for the duration of the summer. Peak time for the playground. Nice planning, right? Anyway, this other park has swings and is actually shadier and nicer, just further away. There was a nice older lady sitting near me and she struck up a conversation. I knew she wasn't from New York because she was very friendly and had traces of a Southern accent, which I always find charming. Anyway, we were chatting away, and then her daughter sat near us. She was around my age, definitely in her thirties at least, but she acted like a petulant teenager. When her mother said, "I just love it here," the daughter rolled her eyes. And when her mother asked, "Do you come here in the winter?" the daughter snapped, "I would NEVER sit outside in the winter!" (Also, earlier, I overheard the daughter say to her, "We don't have to talk," though I didn't hear the rest of the conversation so it could have been out of context.) Eventually the daughter said to the mother, "I want to sit over there so I can see my daughter!" and the mother was all, "Nice to meet you" and followed her away. I thought it was a pity that such a nice lady had such a pill for her daughter. (She introduced herself and her daughter early on, but I won't put their names here.) I also thought it was interesting that I felt much more of a connection with their mother, even though the daughter was closer to my age. That happens to me sometimes. I guess if you're going to like someone, their age doesn't really matter.


Rachel Federman said...

I'm always baffled/intrigued by nice parents with pill kids!

Bearette said...

Yeah, it's really surprising