Saturday, June 27, 2015

Last night I had trouble sleeping because I kept hearing someone whooping and shrieking. I was puzzled by the source; we're on the 17th floor. Then I realized someone must be on their terrace. I peeked out the bathroom window and saw someone sitting on her terrace, apparently by herself (though maybe I just couldn't see the other person). I flashed back to my college roommate throwing the window open and yelling, "SHUT UP!" and tried to come up with the least inflammatory phrasing possible (New Yorkers are a scrappy bunch). I said, "Quiet down please, thanks." After that, I didn't hear anything. The whole thing reminded me of Rear Window. 


Rachel Federman said...

The last line CRACKS ME UP- totally didn't see that coming.

Bearette said...

:-) I realized later it was someone visiting for Pride weekend