Thursday, June 09, 2016

I finished One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid tonight. I always like her books, and the titles are always written in a fun retro font. Anyway, this one was about a woman who was engaged, and then her previous husband (thought to be dead) shows up. It ended the way I thought it should. And then I read a little bit of the acknowledgments (at the end) and put it aside. That brought back a memory...when I was a kid, reading books, I didn't feel I'd truly read them unless I read the foreword, copyright page, everything. That kind of tickles me.


Rachel Federman said...

Oh my gosh I can totally see that. I do that when I love a book and can't let go..

Bearette said...

:-) I think you would like this writer, by the way...and she grew up in Acton! She lives in L.A. now.