Monday, August 10, 2015

So I got a bike to ride when I'm in Massachusetts. There's another bike in the shed but it badly needs a tune-up and my mom doesn't have a bike rack. Turns out my brother (in another town) does so maybe someday he can take it in. Anyway, the new bike is great. A Trek, silver and black. I rode it to my high school, past the turnoff for my elementary school, down random side roads, and finally replicated my favorite ride from childhood. I used to do this ride with a friend, starting when we were 8, and lasting at least until age 11. It consisted simply of riding around our block, over and over. Oddly enough, not boring at all, even now. A bit meditative, with a hill at one end to add variety. As a child I called it "Music Hill," because of its soaring quality. (I also remember a path I walked with the same friend and her mother - we called it "the hidden trail." I think it was just a trail behind our elementary school with some goldenrod and abandoned train tracks.)

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