Sunday, August 02, 2015

Roundabout path

Sometimes I start out reading one book and end up reading something entirely different. I decided to check out All The Light We Cannot See (Pulitzer Prize winner, recommended by my mom, Reese Witherspoon and lots of others). The first 100 pages fairly flew by. After that, the plot squeaked to a halt. I might revisit it - the writing was definitely poetic and skilled - but it just wasn't holding my interest.

So then I started reading My Paris Dream, a Princeton alumna's memoir of her year in France. I was pleased to see her "Princeton playlist" studded with 80s only regret about going to college in the 90s was that grunge was not as fun to dance to.


Rachel Federman said...

OMG I tried to read that book - I read nearly to the end and flatlined out - I couldn't STAND how dull it was!!!! beautiful writing okay but write poetry then...not a novel

Bearette said...