Monday, March 30, 2015

Do I have to dress up?

Tomorrow night we're going to a "gala" at my son's school. It's a fundraiser with food provided by Danny Meyer, all very ooh-la-la. But of course all I'm thinking is: do I have to dress up? I bought a black glitter dress from H&M (one of my new favorite stores, it costs barely more than Old Navy but is somehow classier). But still, despite the dress, which I like well enough, I don't really want to dress up. Which brought up a submerged memory: hiding in my room, then under the coffee table, because I didn't want to dress up to see The Nutcracker as a child. I wanted to see it, I just didn't want to put on a skirt.

Which raises the question: how much do we change, from when we were children? Not much, I bet.


Domestic Kate said...

My mom tells me that I used to love wearing dresses but I'd put them on to go play (like in the dirt). That sounds about right for modern day too.

I never know what to wear to dress-up things or how dressed up to be, which makes me uncomfortable. I can't help you in that department :(

Bearette said...

That's okay :) It's not too often I have to dress up, which is nice.