Monday, March 31, 2014

So the weather was good today by NYC early spring standards (a little over 50 degrees). Both kids stripped off their jackets and shoes. Later, when we were heading out, I couldn't find Zoe's shoes. A friend told me that someone else's little kid had been playing with them. So I asked the little kid's mother (Redhead) where Zoe's shoes were. She said vaguely, "I'm not sure, they might be over by the sand pit." They weren't. I started to think they were just gone. Then my friend found them in some random person's stroller. Redhead's daughter had put them there. During the search, Redhead had escaped.

The whole incident gave me a dim view of Redhead. I think she should have helped us look, or at least stayed until they were found, since her daughter was responsible.

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Rachel Federman said...

I agree! If you see RH again, I would mention that they ended up in someone else's stroller. It's obvious her child put them there. When you put the story this way, it's really funny.