Friday, August 22, 2014

Eric is very intrigued with the yarn swift and ball winder I have in my room, to spin yarn with. (It comes in a floppy hank that is hard to knit from, so you spin it into a ball). Today we spun a couple of skeins together. He wants to do more later. Then he started to talk about "knitting a Mommy with skin-colored yarn." (This sounds a little creepy here but was cute in person, I promise.) Then I offered to make a knitted wild animal together and showed him this book.

He wants me to make the tiger on the cover.


judy in ky said...

That tiger would be adorable. Show us the one Eric made!

Bearette said...

Oh, he didn't actually make anything, he just talked about making a mommy :) I meant that the comment sounded cute in person.

Rachel Federman said...

It is so awesome that you can knit.