Sunday, September 22, 2013

One of our neighbors has a daughter a little older than Eric - she's five and a half - and she just found her first loose tooth. This is happening too fast. I wonder if Eric will start the process then too. How much does the tooth fairy leave these days?

D and I saw Pippin. It was the first Broadway play I've seen since 2011. (The last one was the terrible Book of Mormon.) This one was good, if a little silly, and had some amazing acrobatics. We were in the second row so we got to see it all up close and personal.

Eric seems to be enjoying kindergarten. His school is uptown, a bit of a shlep, but the people seem nice. One mother in the class owns a restaurant and donated food from her restaurant for a cheese and wine pairing, so the parents could get to know each other. They had some very good Riesling.

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Rachel Federman said...

Pippin! I forgot to ask you about it - Love Reisling. Tooth losing is happening too fast, I agree.