Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy new year

So last night I had a good NYE. We went to a toddler party for the group of buildings we live in. It's a nice community with a lot of little kids. The couple who organized the party put together a good playlist. Z slept through the first part of the party. When she woke up, I walked around and bounced her to the music, and she was happy. E got in a minor scuffle over a truck (the boy who had it did not want to share), but he enjoyed dancing to Madonna (the only musician he would dance to, of the ones they played. He liked "Lucky Star."). Afterward, we got falafel and then we went to McDonald's because E likes their ice cream. A strange thing, though: whenever I ask for ice cream, the counter people don't know what I mean. You have to say "cone." E had a high old time putting dots of ice cream on his hair, nose, chin and fingertips. I wiped him down with a facecloth when we got home.

I had a good time at my mother's, too (over Christmas). She gave me a kit to make a quilt (a small one, called a prayer blanket). I am planning to do it sometime this year :)


Domestic Kate said...

Happy New Year!

A quilt! I'd really love to make one. Can't wait to see yours.

judy in ky said...

It sounds like fun! You are lucky to live in a place with kid-friendly neighbors and activities. I love hearing about your kids and seeing your photos... they are adorable.