Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I always get sad when a good book ends. This one was The Vault by Ruth Rendell. So I have a new mystery series to delve into. British, low-key.

How is it with two kids? you ask. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a struggle. The new baby is more slender than E was, though her birth weight was higher. She's not gaining weight as fast as E did, but the doctor, when she saw her last week, said she wasn't worried. She nurses pretty frequently, but not as long as E did. Sometimes he would nurse for 2 hours, which made me wonder when the baby books cheerfully said, Your child might nurse up to 20 minutes!

My friend at E's school baked us a batch of pumpkin muffins yesterday, accompanied by a welcome-to-the-world card for Z. They smelled and tasted delicious.


judy in ky said...

Hello, fellow Moon Child! I wasn't familiar with that book or author; will check it out, I like having a series to read. It's nice to hear about your new baby and little boy... it seems that he was a baby so recently.

Rachel Federman said...

That was so annoying (20 minutes max). All that baby advice should be read the riot act. Still can't believe we used to wake W up to feed in the beginning. WTF